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Why are Calypso and IGRT important?

Radiation therapy for precision treatment of prostate cancer is especially challenging without the correct technology.

The Arizona Prostate Cancer Center offers the latest in linear accelerator technology to assure the right radiation dose is delivered in the most effective and efficient manner.

Calypso (GPS for the Body®) and IGRT (daily image guidance) are two advanced technologies we use in conjunction with IMRT to ensure that the highly tailored treatment that is created by your clinical team is delivered exactly where it is intended with millimeter precision.

As a result, IGRT effectively minimizes unnecessary radiation exposure and damage to healthy tissue. IMRT alone cannot do this.

Before your treatments begin, your physician will implant small fiducial markers into your prostate utilizing a simple procedure to direct the radiation oncologist to the exact location of your prostate. During the course of your radiation therapy, either Calypso or IGRT will be used to locate these markers accurately and precisely every day. IGRT uses daily image guidance to do this. Calypso uses a GPS type system for real-time tracking of the prostate.

These daily location technologies ensure that the delivery of radiation is focused on the prostate during treatment. Both Calypso and IGRT have been shown in studies to reduce side effects associated with radiation therapy.